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Think Big Illinois is committed to addressing the challenges our state faces and creating an Illinois where everyone can thrive.


Progressive Priorities

Advocating For A Fair Tax

We need bold, progressive policies to help our working families get ahead, including the implementation of a fair tax. Right now Illinois suffers from one of the most unfair income tax systems in the country, a system that has helped cause many of the challenges our state faces and which makes solving them very difficult. A fair tax would ensure everyone pays their share, boost the middle class, and increase much-needed revenue for the state. This won’t be easy, but Think Big Illinois is committed to being a staunch ally in this fight.

Creating A More Equal Criminal Justice System

Think Big Illinois believes in reforming our criminal justice system to ensure it is more fair and equal for all residents. Whether it’s ending the era of mass incarceration or helping Illinoisans re-enter their communities successfully to reduce recidivism rates, we are committed to making Illinois a state we can all be proud of.

Protecting Our Immigrant Communities

Our diverse immigrant population, made up of 1.8 million immigrants, 450,000 undocumented residents, and 42,000 DACA recipients, is one of Illinois' greatest strengths. Think Big Illinois is dedicated to protecting and supporting our immigrant communities, from finding a path to citizenship for our Dreamers to advocating for Governor Pritzker's efforts to enforce the Illinois TRUST Act. 


Fighting For The Rights Of All Illinoisans

Think Big Illinois will always fight for the rights of all our residents. Whether it’s defending women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions or protecting our LGBTQ community from discrimination and hate, we will make Illinois a state where everyone feels safe and welcome.

Expanding Access To Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare is a right and all Illinoisans should have access to quality healthcare services without having to worry about how to pay for it. That’s why Think Big Illinois supports Governor Pritzker’s plan to implement IllinoisCares, which would allow all residents to buy into the Medicaid system. IllinoisCares would provide more affordable coverage to all families at no added cost to taxpayers.

Fixing Our Crumbling Infrastructure

Throughout Illinois, and especially downstate, quality infrastructure is key to supporting our economy and the quality of life of families. But without investment to fix our crumbling system, soon one in every three miles of roads and one in every ten bridges in Illinois will be in unacceptable condition. We support Governor Pritzker's efforts to pass a capital bill to ensure Illinois remains a transportation and economic hub in the 21st century.


Raising The Minimum Wage

Working families in Illinois have gone too long without seeing a pay raise for their hard work. A $15 minimum wage is an important step towards ensuring all families can get ahead, benefiting more than 40% of Illinois workers, lifting 212,000 people out of poverty, and saving more than $1.1 billion in taxpayer dollars.

Investing In Education

Nothing is more important than investing in Illinois’s future, which is why we need a strong education system that puts children on the pathway to success from birth. Adding more teachers and classrooms to our education system and helping make quality education accessible for all families are important steps toward helping our students get ahead. And it is important that education in Illinois be funded more at the state level so that having the schools our kids deserve does not require local residents increasingly paying more in property taxes.

Legalizing Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana is a commonsense measure we can take to make Illinois a more safe and just place for all our residents. Creating much-needed revenue for our state, ending the era of mass incarceration, and reducing the number of opioid deaths are just a few of the benefits legalizing marijuana would bring. Think Big Illinois stands ready to fight for the legalization of marijuana.